A Splashing Success! Celebrating World Oceans Day with The Little Optimist

On June 8th, the Two Oceans Aquarium buzzed with excitement as we at the Little Optimist Trust joined the global celebration of World Oceans Day! Our mission? To spark a love for our precious oceans in the hearts of our future guardians – the children.

The star of the show was none other than Greg Bertish, founder of the Little Optimist Trust and author of the brand new children’s book, “The Little Optimist and the Sea Monster.” Greg himself donned the captain’s hat, leading a captivating reading session that transported the young audience on an adventure with the Little Optimist.

The story, brimming with vibrant illustrations, tackles a very real threat – plastic pollution in our oceans. But fear not, for within its pages lies a message of hope and action. The Little Optimist, along with his ocean friends, inspires children to become ocean protectors, reminding them of the power they hold to make a difference.

Following the heartwarming reading, Greg transformed into a book-signing extraordinaire, personalizing copies for eager young readers. The smiles and sparkling eyes were a testament to the impact of this special event.

World Oceans Day with The Little Optimist was a resounding success! We witnessed not only a love for stories but also a burgeoning commitment to protecting the wonder that lies beneath the waves. After all, a healthy future for our oceans starts with inspiring the next generation.