Bling & Chocolate for Bravery

Maitland Cottage Children’s Hospital  – 31 March 2021

The kids at Maitland Cottage Hospital were surprised with a visit from The Little Optimist Team  just before the Easter weekend.

Each child got to enjoy The Little Optimist cartoon movie, and an inspirational talk from Rocky the Tiger and Greg.

This was followed by the Cara and team delivering a package  of joy to each child.  Easter eggs, The Little Optimist book, a medal and a toy for each and every kid who would be spending Easter in hospital.

Medals, Eggs and some plush toys were donated by Harfield Harriers members. Medals had been won by individuals who now donate these to The Trust so we can hand them out to kids to celebrate their bravery in their fight to overcome their inflictions.

There were lots of giggles and smiles,  and an injection of hope and optimism was Just what the doctor ordered 😊