Handjiesvol Hospital Creche – Tygerberg Hospital

WED 24 March 2021

When the Little Optimist Trust team rolls in, you know that the FUN and SMILES have arrived!

25 Kids who are the children of  primary caregivers and staff from Tygerberg hospital, all got some magic and presents this day.

The Creche looks after approximately 30 kids, Ranging in age from 6 months to 6 years old.

The creche is located on the hospital premises and has lots of room, grounds and some amazing staff. 

However the little creche is in need of some LOVE, COLOUR, and some beatification to make it really awesome and happy for these little kids, their parents and the awesome staff.

Our Little Optimist Cartoon was a hit with the older kids, with many signing along to the rhyme. The Giant Giraffe and Greg, bouncing around and high fiving all brought laughs and smiles all around .

They learned about how little people can do huge things and how never to give up. And when the toys and books came out and each received their own, it was pure JOY all around.

The team of Cara and Greg, made sure all felt special and that the school received new children’s books for their library, stationary for the kids and Toys for their sand pits.

Measurements were taken and plans were made – with Chief Upgrade officer Cara, planning a whole makeover for this little creche and its kids in the next 2 months  – wahooooo!