Heideveld Children Ministry come sailing

We work with incredible people… Rev Vernon brought just 12 of his hundreds of children that he works with to come sailing on the 27 August. 

The children he works with come from underprivileged homes, most live with grandparents or aunts as their parents are on drugs and in gangs. 

We have an NPO V&M Hope for the future where we have computer classes and counseling for children and youth. 

We work with about 100 children on Sundays at our children’s church and about 250 during holiday clubs. We also teach dance and have weekend camps / leadership programs at church. 

We have been in this ministry for about 30 years now. 

It’s a privilege to work with these children on the Cape flats to help steer them away from drugs and gangsterism. We also reach the family through the children. 

We help young boys to respect girls and woman and to have a sense of pride and build on a future through their school work.

We teach girls hygiene and respect for others. They also get taught that abuse in any form is not right.

Our programs aim to bring peace with gangs through teaching their children the word of God which is our main focus.

Once the Sailing Therapy was over, the group headed to the Aquarium for an amazing self tour! 

Thanks to our wonderful sponsors for making this happen.

Two Ocean Marine, Italtile, Southern Wind, Mountain Falls water and Two Oceans Aquarium.