Ahoy, Mateys! Setting Sail with Laureus Sports’ Grade 10s on June 25th

On June 25th, the Little Optimist Academy transformed into a seafaring haven for a fantastic group of Grade 10s from Laureus Sports! It was a joy to have these enthusiastic young adults on board (or should we say, on boat!) for a day of sailing fun.One of the things that struck us most was how engaged this group was. Unlike some younger sailors, these Grade 10s were all ears during instruction time. They followed directions precisely, which made the learning process smooth and efficient. But make no mistake, this wasn’t just a dry lesson in knots and tacking.While they were serious about learning the ropes (pun intended!), there was still plenty of room for fun. The thrill of being out on the water was undeniable, and there were wide smiles all around as they got comfortable navigating their little optimists.There were a few instances of nerves, with some students initially hesitant about venturing onto the water. But that’s where the power of teamwork came in! Encouragement from their peers quickly replaced any apprehension, and soon everyone was splashing around with newfound confidence.By the end of the day, every sailor had a big grin and a newfound appreciation for the challenges and joys of sailing. It was a fantastic experience for our team at the academy, and we can’t wait to see these future captains hit the high seas again soon!A huge thank you to our sponsors for making this incredible day possible! We are grateful for the generous support of Two Oceans Marine, ITALTILE, Southern Wind, ULLMAN SAILS, and Laurium Capital. Their contributions allow us to provide these enriching experiences for young learners in our community.