Paying it forward

In 2021 we raised funds and helped Onwaba to have her legs straightened.

Now that her journey is finished and she has had her last check-up, we are super pleased to announce that Onwaba is doing amazing and is set to walk confidently into her future.

We raised R75 000.00 for Onwaba which allowed us to fund every step of her recovery.

There is R18 000.00 left in the fund and we are happy to be able to use these funds to fund other children that The Little Optimist supports.

The first funds will be going to Anisha Singh.

Anisha is a young girl who has Systemic Lupus, we assist her with physio appointments, nutrition, and sanitary wear on a monthly basis.

Anisha’s hard work and dedication is inspiring!

Thank you again to everyone who donated.