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The Little Optimist Trust’s main aim is to inspire kids to survive and thrive. One of the most powerful resources we have is the passion and the energy of our founder and ambassador, Greg Bertish. His enthusiasm is contagious and he creates instant rapport with every person he meets.

The Little Optimist Books

Greg has also authored a book called, The Little Optimist. It is a children’s story about a little children’s boat, an Optimist, that has to overcome challenges and deal with being different to those around him.

It shows kids that little people can do HUGE things!

For every book sold, one is donated. We regularly deliver books to hospital wards and under resourced schools and youth centres. 

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For every book you BUY , We deliver another book FREE to marginalised or compromised children

Drop us an email to order your copies of this delightful book, and bless another child with a book in the process. 


The Little Optimist  

Story By Greg Bertish Illustrations by Chip Snaddon.

A beautifully illustrated story about a tiny, little boat with a Huge heart.

A children’s story book of adventure with life lessons about being different, optimism, belief and never ever giving up. 

The Little Optimist book is about to make a difference and put a smile on the face of many kids in South Africa.  The concept is totally unique, its organically good, and will help to inspire many sick and needy children.

  1. A book to show kids that little people can do amazing things.
  2. For each book sold, another is donated and delivered FREE to a sick or needy child.
  3. All profits go to The Little Optimist Trust
  4. Printed on recycled paper
  5. Colouring in pages and competition included
  6. FREE Work Book for Kids with each Purchase 


” I loved reading this book to my children, not only because of the unique story and wonderful illustration, but also because it teaches them courage and belief in oneself.” 

Louise Driver, mom and CEO of The Children’s Hospital Trust

A sea monster in the lagoon. But how can that be? The Little Optimist and Friends go in search of this monster and find a very different type of PLASTIC sea monster, caused by humans.

Optimist Documentary

OPTIMIST is a documentary about Greg Bertish’s fight against a deadly tropical bacteria and his dream to sail a Little Optimist dinghy around the Cape Of Storms.
The documentary has shown at film festivals around the world and has gained international acclaim for its cinematography, its inspiration and its positive impact on people.
We regularly host movie nights for charity and to Inspire people. We  show the documentary and Greg shares his story about his journey. Our most popular movie nights are our “Drive – In” events at hospitals where patients are wheeled in to watch in beds and wheelchairs, all ready to see the movie.
Let us know if you are keen to host a movie night to Inspire your team, give back or help fundraise  at your  business, school or club. 
OR how about sponsoring a MOVIE Night for marginalised kids in hospital or disadvantaged schools and communities.

Inspirational Speaker - Greg

Unique, Real & Powerful!

This will INSPIRE you, shift your perceived reality & make you want to be a better and happier person, and do more good for others!

Greg beat the odds by surviving major infections, undergoing multiple operations in 2001 & 2006,  and spending  nearly 200 days in hospital. Despite it all Greg survived & continues to thrive. The power of positive thought and the strength of the human spirit have helped him piece back his life and his lifestyle. He loves helping to inspire others to do the same in all aspects of their lives;  at work and at play. He specially enjoys speaking to kids and patients who may be facing recovery, hardship or just everyday life obstacles.

Greg was an  insecure kid, who battled at school, was bullied, was dyslexic, had bad acne and never thought he would amount to much. He is now sought after by schools for his storytelling, which is Unique, Inspiring and so much FUN. His talks have become legendary, covering topics such as: being different, never giving up, having Heart, appreciating what you have and helping others.

To inspire adults and corporates, Greg uses his personal stories and those of children he has met along the way. Stories of INSPIRATION , RESILIENCE, OPTIMISM, SHIFTING REALITY, POINT OF DIFFERENCE, HELPING OTHERS, DREAMS, GOALS AND HOW TO THRIVE DURING AND AFTER ADVERSITY!

As a multiple heart surgery survivor, he has gone on to shift the perceived reality of what a heart patient is. He is a father and husband first; started and owns 2 successful businesses,  has gone on to become a South African Lifesaving and Stand Up Paddle Board Champion, an Awards nominated Big Wave Surfer, the founder of The Sharkspotter Program and The Little Optimist Trust.

Speaking Topics available:

  1. #fineisfantastic– How being just fine, is actually Fantastic! Insight & inspiration to make you realize how lucky we are
  2. #survive&thrive – Overcoming seemingly insurmountable challenges.
  3. #passiontoprofit – How following your passion can lead to everything GOOD in your life!
  4. #pointofdifference – It’s actually COOL to be different! Use your Uniqueness, differences and out of the box thinking to your advantage.
  5. #allheart – A combination of all of the above Topics – Incorporating Resilience, Passion, Optimism, Purpose and Heart!


Book him to inspire And inject optimism into you and your team. Greg only asks that a donation be made to The Little Optimist Trust or one of his other ongoing projects.  ENQUIRE HERE

Alternatively to sponsor, to screen or watch his documentary Movie or to buy one of his children’s books please contact us.