Who says you can’t sail in a burka?

It is always fun and games when Zaironesa Karriem and her team from Bonteheuwel come visit with children from their community. There was a feisty wind that ensured speed and excitement in the little optimist boats –our expert instructors Amir, Shane, Keanen, Josh and Adrienne showed off their skills this past Saturday. And who says you can’t sail in a burka?!


Good Day Greg/Erica

I trust you are well. Firstly once again a huge thank you from all of us to The little Optimist Trust, yourself Greg and your amazing team (i just love the energy not to mention the laughter we had. Words fail me in expressing our gratitude as you not  only inspire the children and adults but restore hope, you guys are a beacon of light and create lifetime memories – thank you for what you do.

Everytime we visit TLO it feels like the first time and we just want time to stand still. I look forward to bringing many more children and creating lifetime memories which otherwise would not be possible. May your Organisation grow from strength to strength . Please let me know of the next available dates.

Kind Regards,