World Champion Shares Public Speaking Secrets with Little Optimists!

This Monday, the Little Optimist Trust got an electrifying boost when Verity Price, the renowned public speaking champion, graced us with her presence! Ms. Price, the first South African and only the sixth woman ever to win the World Champion of Public Speaking title, came to share her knowledge and empower our young minds.

For many, public speaking can be a daunting task. But Ms. Price’s infectious energy and passion for storytelling quickly transformed the atmosphere. She didn’t just talk about public speaking; she embodied it.

The session buzzed with practical tips and insightful advice. We learned the importance of crafting a compelling narrative, using powerful language, and captivating the audience with our body language. Ms. Price even shared her signature “write a different story” approach, encouraging us to take control of our narratives and use them to inspire others.

The Little Optimists were not just passive listeners. Ms. Price created a space for interactive learning. There were opportunities to practice techniques, ask questions, and even receive personalized feedback. The session was a masterclass in building confidence and finding your voice.

This is a moment our Little Optimists won’t soon forget. Having a world champion dedicate her time to our Trust is a huge inspiration, and the skills learned will undoubtedly empower them to become confident and impactful communicators. We are incredibly grateful to Ms. Price for sharing her expertise and igniting a passion for public speaking within our young minds.