Grateful for HIIT donation

Grateful for HIIT donation

Dear Little Optimist Team 

Anisha and her family are overwhelmed by the generosity of the HIIT fitness gym team. They send their grateful thanks. This is a fantastic donation and will really encourage her to work hard.

Thank you to the Little Optimist Trust for all the sterling work that you do. 

I will send a video to Veda on WhatsApp that she can share with those interested. Anisha is becoming more and more independent and this is so heartening. 

Kind regards 


Dear Anisha 

We have some wonderful news for you 😊 

HIIT fitness is a private gym in Cape Town who last week had an INSPIRE week. Inspire week is all about giving back and they chose to support The Little Optimist Trust!

On Thursday they dedicated the day to you. All the members came together and made donations towards your physio sessions.

They raised enough to cover 18 sessions !! We are so grateful for this wonderful donation as I’m sure you are too. Keep working hard, pushing yourself and staying positive. 

The Little Optimist Team  

p.s. I have attached a few fun photos for you of the gym trainers and members at the dress up party that ended the Inspire week last Friday 😊 

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