9 Miles Project Kids go Sailing

The kids from 9Miles Project arrived very excitedly at the Sailing Academy at the Waterfront on the 2nd November bright and early and ready for what the day had to offer!  The Little Optimist team was so excited to host these amazing group of kids!

We started the day by getting to know this special group of kids! They had quite a laugh at Our Founder, Greg Bertish’s funny jokes.  As they made their way to their seats they were over the moon when they saw they had each received an ULLMAN SAILS gift bag,  consisting of a Little Optimist cap, bracelet, the Little Optimist book and workbooks!

As the morning unfolded, the children were given an inspirational talk by Greg, who inspired them to survive and thrive regardless of their current situation.  They learnt about the importance of water safety and watched some really interesting videos.  Not forgetting the snacks which were served during the course of the morning. This was the important brain food to answer Greg’s tricky questions.

 It was then time to learn about sailing – The children were very excited and couldn’t wait to get into the Optimist boat on land, before attempting it out on water! Shahieda aged 14 from 7de Laan, Strandfontein was very nervous about sailing, even on land. She was not very keen to go into the boat. But with a little motivation and cheering from the Little Optimist Team, she did it with a huge smile on her face. We were so proud of her – Well done Shahieda!

It was a beautiful sunny day with minimal wind, perfect for a first day of sailing.! One by one each of the children sailed off in a dinghy with an experienced instructor.  This was an experience of a lifetime – Their first-time sailing! Their smiles said it all! Many of the braver kids, got to sail their own boats and were able to experience the freedom, speed and feelings of joy, excitement, self-worth and achievement.

The kids also learnt how to tie knots. What fun they had learning about the different ways to tie the knots.

Back in the lecture room, the kids watched a movie about plastic pollution and ocean health. Prizegiving was up next. Each kid received a certificate and a medal for the completion of the Sailing Day. Our Little Optimist instructors were so proud of the newly graduated sailors.

There was one more surprise waiting for the children, a trip to the TWO OCEANS AQUARIUM.  Thanks to the AQUARIUM FOUNDATION, they had the opportunity to have a private lesson and learn about different sea creatures, the rocky shores and the oceans around them. The children were then able to wonder around the beautiful aquarium to visit the sharks, penguins and all their friends.

What a special day! The kids were all smiles and chattered as they climbed into their AFRICAN BLUE TOURS bus for their trip home.

This day could not have been made possible without our sponsors, TWO OCEANS MARINE, ITALTILE, , SOUTHERN WIND SHIP YARD. And thanks to the V&A WATERFRONT, AQUAROUM FOUNDATION, ULLMAN , and the EXCELLENCE GROUP who made this day possible. As they were leaving, Jamie told one of our team members “I had such a lovely day, I don’t want to go home. It was so much fun”.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Thanks again to:

  • 9Miles Project
  • Two Oceans Marine
  • Italtile
  • The Excellence Group
  • Southern Wind Shipyard
  • Ullman Sails
  • The V and A waterfront
  • Two Oceans Aquarium
  • The aquarium Foundation
  • African Blue Tours