Running to deliver the Easter Eggs!

Running to deliver the Easter Eggs!

“Little Dewayne Pieters’s face lit up as the shinny medal was placed around his neck.” 

The Harfield Harriers runners and the little Optimist team visited the Maitland Orthopaedic Hospital on Wednesday. 

They were there to deliver some very special medals to some very Special and brave children. 

The medals were collected and donated by the Harfield Harriers running club, and are all medals won by the members at previous 2 oceans marathons, other marathon races and running events. 

The idea is that these hard earned medals are now passed on to the children in the hospital, as a token of their bravery in the face of adversity. 

Along with the medals , the team of Dean Dicks , Nicky Seymour , Cara De Vogel Greg Bertish And other members , handed out Easter eggs and Copies  of the Little Optimist children’s book. 

The book was authored by Greg Bertish and each child arriving at the hospital gets a free book and chommie pack on admission to the hospital. 

The Little Optimist Trust team helped to renovate the hospital last year and Little Optimist murals were painted outside the Children’s  wards. 

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