Inspiration Day at Constantia Primary

On Tuesday the 23rd of November, The Little Optimist hosted one of their Inspiration Days at Constantia Primary. These days are intended to inspire kids to survive and thrive. It is hosted by Greg Bertish who tells his inspirational story about surviving 200 days in hospital.

However, the theme of the day was not hospitals. It was optimism. Greg quickly grabbed  all 70 of the 7, 8 and 9 year-olds attention and made them believe they are able to do anything! After a short cartoon clip about how an optimist boat was brave and kind enough to do anything, each child was given an illustrated book and a teddy bear to end the day!

With big smiles and excited giggles, the Grade 2s and 3s were overjoyed. What an honour to be part of something that inspires the future generation to dream big and be optimistic!

Callie Barlow
The Excellence Group